Stingo 1.3 Transforming the business of tomorrow!

Stingo crm

The classification of software that assists and aids you to manage your business, your potential/current customers and grow new customer base through the approach of several tailored and customized tools combined in a suite/package is said to be Customer Relationship Management Software. STINGO version 1.3 is an advanced CRM Software that can be managed on different screen sizes including mobile phones, desktops and laptops with the motto of making your business paperless and successful in digital age of transactions and marketing. Stingo is exclusively designed to fulfil your business culture and its requirements, be it strategic, operational, analytical, collaborative and Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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Following are the elaborated automated functions that Stingo proffers:

  • Sales CRM: With Stingo you can efficiently manage new prospects, generate and log your leads, engage in records of fresh and previous leads along with automating the entire procedure in terms of ideation of leads into pipelines and ultimately, pacing towards the closure of smooth and decent deals/offers.
  • Complaint Desk: Designed in way to accustom the customers/clients, Stingo comes with automated complaint system that rows your complaints which are fathomed along the way according to desired requirements. Furthermore, tracking and authentication of complaints are directed by SMS and formal upfronts creating buzzing customer retention service.
  • Call Management: From keeping calling log to generation of interactive voice response systems, Stingo is equipped to deal with inbound and outbound calling systems. Also, it advances the scale of Dialer Systems in CRM. Stingo allows you to manage the dialogue between and before and after acting as an intermediate for smooth communication.
  • Easy to Use: With smooth and easy to navigate interface, Stingo is simplified in digital screen to deal with the complex upfronts of business and management in the most preferable manner possible. It allows you to pack your schedule more in customer engagement and retention rather than, feeding and staging data in different logs. It automates everything!
  • Flexible & Customizable: Stingo can be accustomed in your own way! From clicks to tabs, you can decide the look and function in the way you are comfortable with. You decide and we will fabricate your personalized Stingo CRM exclusively for you!
  • Promotional Activity: Stingo helps you make your brand more audible then others. From ROI to Bulk emailing and short messaging, we combine multangular platforms and units to promote your business.

Stingo gives the paradise of analysing and watching gains and falls in the bar of sales, operations, emails and leads including implementation of aerodynamics of entire business and managing customers relations across the entities.


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