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Easy reach with customer to boost your marketing reach and sharing online product to clients through Whats App. Stingo CRM connect to Whats App features is integrated so please download Stingo App from Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details… to use this features and click to call facility.

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Stingo CRM is a completely customization work management software & ERP that lets you organize any type of data, all in one.

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Stingo 1.3 Transforming the business of tomorrow!

Stingo crm

The classification of software that assists and aids you to manage your business, your potential/current customers and grow new customer base through the approach of several tailored and customized tools combined in a suite/package is said to be Customer Relationship Management Software. STINGO version 1.3 is an advanced CRM Software that can be managed on different screen sizes including mobile phones, desktops and laptops with the motto of making your business paperless and successful in digital age of transactions and marketing. Stingo is exclusively designed to fulfil your business culture and its requirements, be it strategic, operational, analytical, collaborative and Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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Following are the elaborated automated functions that Stingo proffers:

  • Sales CRM: With Stingo you can efficiently manage new prospects, generate and log your leads, engage in records of fresh and previous leads along with automating the entire procedure in terms of ideation of leads into pipelines and ultimately, pacing towards the closure of smooth and decent deals/offers.
  • Complaint Desk: Designed in way to accustom the customers/clients, Stingo comes with automated complaint system that rows your complaints which are fathomed along the way according to desired requirements. Furthermore, tracking and authentication of complaints are directed by SMS and formal upfronts creating buzzing customer retention service.
  • Call Management: From keeping calling log to generation of interactive voice response systems, Stingo is equipped to deal with inbound and outbound calling systems. Also, it advances the scale of Dialer Systems in CRM. Stingo allows you to manage the dialogue between and before and after acting as an intermediate for smooth communication.
  • Easy to Use: With smooth and easy to navigate interface, Stingo is simplified in digital screen to deal with the complex upfronts of business and management in the most preferable manner possible. It allows you to pack your schedule more in customer engagement and retention rather than, feeding and staging data in different logs. It automates everything!
  • Flexible & Customizable: Stingo can be accustomed in your own way! From clicks to tabs, you can decide the look and function in the way you are comfortable with. You decide and we will fabricate your personalized Stingo CRM exclusively for you!
  • Promotional Activity: Stingo helps you make your brand more audible then others. From ROI to Bulk emailing and short messaging, we combine multangular platforms and units to promote your business.

Stingo gives the paradise of analysing and watching gains and falls in the bar of sales, operations, emails and leads including implementation of aerodynamics of entire business and managing customers relations across the entities.


Wishing Happy New Year 2019


We would like to introduce ourselves as a Creative Web Design & Development Company in Delhi, India, We have our whole array of IT services which we can offer to your esteemed organization (for your clients) with an optimum cost.

About us
DelveTech is an innovative provider of web-presence solutions to small & medium businesses, professionals and individuals.
We provide our clients a complete suite of Design & Development Services that help them establish & grow their online presence,
Delvetech is renowned for its dedicated customer support & quality of service.

In case you would like to get any website designed or would like to outsource any kind of web development work,
we would like to present ourselves as one of the contenders to serve and deliver,
 below are the key capabilities 

Our key capabilities:  

  • Customized Cloud CRM
  • Open Source Development (HTML/CSS, PHP, Static & Dynamic websites, WordPress, Ecommerce Websites)
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Mobile App Development (Android, IOS-Native)
  • Software Testing

When you choose us for any kind of Design & Development services, you can trust that our knowledge and experience will yield the results you want.

Specifically to add, we have been working and building our expertise to develop e-commerce solutions for all kind of businesses using major platforms like OpenCart, WordPress, PHP, Android, Digital Marketing and many more…

This is just a glimpse of what we offer, you can always call us or write to us to know about our services in Detail.

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CRM Software Independence Offer

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Wishing you Happy Independence Day….

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Boost your company sales and managed easily ensuring a hassle free smooth functioning of your businesses.
1. Lead Management,
2. Sales Management,
3. Cash Flow Management,
4. Complaint/ Ticket Support,
5. GST Billing & invoice Management
stingo sales crm
Stingosales.com is CRM software can prove extremely helpful for small businesses.

How GST affects small business accounting?


After demonetization, GST i.e. Goods and Services Tax is the new twist in the Indian economy which has completely altered the system of business entities of the country. The presence of GST has poured a sigh of relief for many business owners as its one nation one tax approach prevents them from paying multiple taxes. But they also need to make some arrangements to make their business entities compatible to GST.

There are more than 3 million small businesses in India with a noteworthy contribution in 42% of exports. After GST they will need to do some big alterations in their strategy, including their accounting and billing system.

Immediate effects of GST on business accounting

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Journey from Zomato to Google, New York, built career as a UX designer intern across the world.


About the Author: Gaurav Baheti completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, India. He provides insightful details about his journey as a UI and UX designer and how he got internships at Zomato and Google, New York, USA.

As I entered college, I started working on creating designs and joined freelance sites like Warrior Forum, Fiverr etc. It was difficult to get started as a freelancer because people didn’t trust beginners easily. I remember my first freelance project was making banners for an online forum, free of cost. I kept making these banners for some time and mentioned them on my profile. Soon, a lot of requests started coming in and I began charging a minimal fee ($5) for them. From logo designs to web apps, I created a lot of designs for various projects.

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Custom Development of the Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions


As the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a new social and business paradigm, how will you move from connecting devices to capturing insights and capitalizing on them ?
The internet of things (IoT), is the internet working of physical devices and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity to collect and exchange data.

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App Preview Messaging (APM) features for Google Play Services


Google allow you & me to connect with our friends easier through Android. There’s the idea of ‘APM’ that is now on preview mode, hoping to make connecting through mobile faster and more efficient. After launching the Duo video chat, instant messaging and internet giant rolling out a new features expected to be more than helpful for instant message.

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Freedom is in the Mind, Faith in the words & Pride in our Souls..


Delvetech Group Celebrated Independence Day By Launching Stingo Sales

True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right. Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.” We grabbed that chance to be better by Introducing  our latest Development Stingo Sales – A Product that will  help the organization to manage their Business and Increase the productivity by boosting sales and increasing Customer Satisfaction . 

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