Journey from Zomato to Google, New York, built career as a UX designer intern across the world.


About the Author: Gaurav Baheti completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, India. He provides insightful details about his journey as a UI and UX designer and how he got internships at Zomato and Google, New York, USA.

As I entered college, I started working on creating designs and joined freelance sites like Warrior Forum, Fiverr etc. It was difficult to get started as a freelancer because people didn’t trust beginners easily. I remember my first freelance project was making banners for an online forum, free of cost. I kept making these banners for some time and mentioned them on my profile. Soon, a lot of requests started coming in and I began charging a minimal fee ($5) for them. From logo designs to web apps, I created a lot of designs for various projects.

It was the summer of 2014, and Zomato was recruiting. I applied through their website, and after a couple of interviews, I was selected for a tech internship (front end development) at Zomato. My first coding project at Zomato was to code responsive emails optimized for a majority of email clients (with a lot of testing) which were sent out when a user registers, adds photos/review, etc. It felt really good to know that these emails proved to make about 30% inactive users, active again. However, I got more excited about working with the design team so I asked if I could do more in that domain, and they gave me a shot. That worked out pretty well!

My career was designed by internships. I understood the real essence of empathy and the way I saw life changed. The things you learn while working with different teams solving different problems for different people, stay with you forever.


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